Ilegalizaciones de partidos y movimientos

France (2020) Dissolution du groupement de fait dénommé « Loups Gris »
Germany (2020) Bundesinnenminister verbietet rechtsextremistische Vereinigung "Sturm-/Wolfsbrigade 44"
Finland (2020) KKO:2020:68 - Disbandment of an association. Finland Supreme Court bans Neo-Nazi group
United Kingdom (2020) Priti Patel proscribes far-right terrorist group. Government takes action to proscribe Feuerkrieg Division
Germany (2020) Federal Minister Seehofer bans the association “Nordadler”
United States (2020) The State Department has designated the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) and members of its leadership as Specially Designated Global Terrorists
Germany (2020) Reichsbürge: Bundesinnenminister Seehofer verbietet mit "Geeinte deutsche Völker und Stämme" erstmals Reichsbürgervereinigung
Germany (2020) Bundesinnenminister verbietet "Combat 18 Deutschland"
United Kingdom (2020) Order to proscribe far-right terrorist group comes into forcé. Proscription order making Sonnenkrieg Division illegal in the UK has been approved by Parliament
United Kingdom (2020) The Government laid an Order in February 2020 which provides that “System Resistance Network (SRN)” should be treated as an alternative name for the organisation which is already proscribed as National Action
Canada (2019) Canada adds neo-Nazi group Blood & Honour to list of terror organizations
Canada (2019) Canada adds neo-Nazi group Combat 18 to list of terror organizations
France (2019) Dissolution du "Bastion social" et les six associations «Les Petits Reblochons», «Association Lugdunum», «Cercle Frédéric Mistral», «Cercle Honoré d’Estienne d’Orves», «Association Arvernis» et «Solidarité Argentoratum» prononcée par le Conseil des ministres
France (2019) Dissolution du groupement de fait «Blood and Honour Hexagone»
United Kingdom (2017) Further extreme right-wing groups banned in the UK. Scottish Dawn and NS131 will be banned from tomorrow after their proscription as terrorist organisations
Germany (2016) "Weisse Wölfe Terrorcrew" banned. Federal Ministry of the Interior bans right-wing extremist brotherhood
United Kingdom (2016) National Action becomes first extreme right-wing group to be banned in UK
France (2013) Le Conseil d’État se prononce sur la légalité d’un décret prononçant la dissolution de l’association «Envie de rêver» et des groupements «Jeunesses nationalistes révolutionnaires» et «Troisième voie»
France (2013) Dissolution du groupement de fait «L'Œuvre française»
Russia (2011) DPNI was banned by the Russian government
Spain (2011) Disolución Blood & Honour
Spain (2011) Disolución Hammerskin-España
Russia (2010) The Moscow City Court ruled Tuesday that the Slavic Union (SS) violates Russia's extremism laws, banning the organization
France (2005) Dissolution du groupement de fait «Elsass Korps»
France (2002) Dissolution du groupement de fait «Unité radicale»